School safety is of the utmost importance to all of us at Great Hearts Academies. Great Hearts has invested in safety throughout our buildings and campuses and partnered with security professionals over the past five years to continue to strengthen and train our school personnel in safety procedures throughout the campuses.

We are working with the Phoenix Department of Homeland Security, the Phoenix Fire Department, and a nationally recognized school security experts on the best practices of securing our physical campus locations and keeping all in our building safe.

Each campus practices emergency procedures and trains regularly on the variety of safety procedures covered in our Emergency Operations Manuals. From lock in and out procedures, to fire drills, to power outages. We have emergency action teams at each campus which are responsible for running all emergency drills and training all staff in our emergency procedures.

Should you have specific questions regarding a school’s safety training and protocols, please contact the school’s headmaster.

If you would like to discuss safety from a network perspective, please contact Marylin Papke at

Keep in mind, neither the GH network nor school safety personnel will discuss particular procedures related to active shooter situations or the like. It is imperative that we keep certain safety information private as to ensure the greatest effectiveness of those procedures. If you have questions about this, please do contact Marilyn Papke at