Great Hearts Arizona manages its limited resources carefully. While executive and other leadership roles within the organization garner the highest wages, we are mindful to ensure that these wages are both reasonable and in line the organization’s size and measured against the wider market.

Great Hearts Arizona has a total of over 1,800 employees (full and part-time) and manages $122,000,000 in public and philanthropic funding for fiscal year 2020. Below you will find the salaries for the top Great Hearts Arizona employees. No other Great Hearts Arizona employees make above six figures.



2020 Base Salary 401k Match Benefits & Payroll Taxes Total Compensation
President, Great Hearts Arizona $183,855 $3,677 $23,465 $210,997
Executive Director of Lower Schools $130,000 $2,600 $19,345 $151,945
Executive Director of Upper Schools $124,000 $2,480 $18,886 $145,366
Executive Director of Title I Education $122,400 $2,448 $18,764 $143,612
Vice President of Development $120,000 $2,400 $18,580 $140,980
Legal Adviser, Great Hearts Arizona $110,781 $2,216 $17,875 $130,871
Director of School Finance, Great Hearts Arizona $108,000 $2,160 $17,662 $127,822

The benefits amount is based on employer portion of premium for life, long term disability and family level coverage in medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Headmasters: Range = $84,000 – $101,555 (Avg. $90,487)

All Great Hearts employees receive the same health benefits package and 401k matching. We do not provide, for any employee, housing, car allowances, per diems, or petty cash allocations.

For public non-charter districts in Arizona operating between 18 to 25 schools the average base pay for superintendents is $185,000. Great Hearts Arizona operates 22 campus and its highest paid position is $183,855.